Costa Mesa, California-based QSC is a designer and manufacturer of professional, state-of-the art audio/visual systems for clients large and small worldwide.  With facilities in the U.S., South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, QSC is an industry leader in planning and design, procurement, build-to-order manufacturing, and distribution of its parts and finished goods.  With over 400 employees, the company’s culture is one of casual and relaxed professionalism in all departments, worldwide.  Indeed, QSC’s headquarters was named “Best Place to Work” by the Orange County Register  six times consecutively.  It was this culture that the company wished to bring to its Boulder, Colorado office.

The design challenge was to adhere to the company’s corporate standards without sacrificing the unique vibe of a Boulder address.

The new space is comprised of a compact reception area, full conference room, small perimeter executive offices, full height workstations, testing labs, multi-purpose breakout rooms and fully-stocked kitchen/break area.

Simple, natural materials like stained and routed plywood panels, raw metal, and natural stone lend balance to the brand’s use of advanced technology and precision equipment throughout the 10,000 square foot suite. The palette is decidedly laid back with background grays, golds, blues and browns punctuated with bright colors on furniture and carpet tiles.

QSC’s progressive leadership required a right-sized space that could accommodate heads-down tasks, prototype testing, and production in an office that could easily promote recruitment and retention.  The overall theme is one of quiet work and low-key relaxation.  It’s a millennial-occupied office, and the design of the space, colors, materials, and furniture promote a Boulder cool, come-as-you-are attitude without extraneous distractions that the company’s engineers prefer.

Architect:  Kieding,  Abbey Lyon, Senior Project Manager
General Contractor:  Magnolia Building Company
Engineer:  Boulder Engineering
Furniture Dealer:  Merchant’s Office Furniture
Consultant: K2 Audio

This work originally appeared in the March, 2016 issue of Building/Dialogue Magazine, “Inside & Out(side)” section..  Link to archive:  http://ow.ly/Qock30a0ojx